Is an LG Wireless Home Theater Better than the Rest?

You have seen the Verizon wireless commercial time and time again where they brag about having LG technology. LG has gotten into a lot of different markets including the wireless home theater market but just because Verizon uses them for their phones does that make the LG wireless home theater better than the rest?

LG Wireless Home Theater At A Glance

The LG wireless home theater boasts of using a 2.4 GHz frequency which is supposed to be far superior then others who use 800 – 900MHz. In order to understand this you would need to understand what GHz and MHz are. GHz stands for Giga hertz and a Giga is short for a billion therefore 2.4 GHz is 2.4 billion. MHz stands for Mega hertz and Mega stands for a million therefore 800 – 900 MHz is 800 – 900 million. Anyone who has taken a math class knows that billion is more than million therefore it seems that the frequency of the LG wireless home theater is better than that of others.

The LG wireless home theater also boasts about a distance of 200 m as opposed to others that have a 10 – 100 m distance such as possible an RCA wireless home theater. This is important because the distance is basically how far apart the components can be to still be able to interact with one another. The further the distance the more choices you have to where you put your LG wireless home theater. LG also indicates that this distance is through furniture and walls so this adds some more features to the LG wireless home theater that others don’t seem to have.

One of the other things that an LG wireless home theater boasts about is that it has interference free programming. This means that whenever an appliance, phone, or something else that carries an electronic signal is on it will be less likely to interfere with the sound and music coming from your LG wireless home theater. All of the other features of the LG wireless home theater seem to be standard with others as well. If you find distance, frequency, and interference to be major factors in determining whether or not you buy an LG wireless home theater or another one then you might want to choose the one made by LG. Also keep in mind that normally more features lead to more money coming out of your pocket. This can be a deal breaker.