Pioneer Home Theater Speakers: The Pioneer Elite EX Series SIW691L In-Wall Speakers

If you are not afraid of spending about ten thousand dollars then you should certainly look at a particular set of Pioneer home theater speakers that provide excellent sound quality that is designed to give you an auditory sensation that few other home theater speakers can provide. Pioneer home theater speakers such as the Pioneer Elite EX Series S-IW691L In-Wall Speaker System is for the audio purist and also for anyone that has experienced what the Pioneer TAD series of speakers can provide in terms of outstanding sound quality.

Excellent Sound, Affordable Price With Pioneer Home Theater Speakers

This particular set of Pioneer home theater speakers has all the excellence of audio quality normally associated with the TAD series and is more affordable than the TAD Model-1 that retailed for about forty-five thousand dollars. The S-IW691L is three-way in-wall set of speakers that retail for about nineteen hundred dollars each and it is a set of speakers that will suit many different home theater applications as well as multi-channel functions.

These Pioneer home theater speakers incorporate Coherent Source Transducer that is Pioneer’s own technology that obviously provides more coherent audio quality as well as more uniform sound reception that gives the listener a great experience no matter where they are listening to the sound.

The S-IW691L is a set of Pioneer home theater speakers that features six and a half inch woofers which also has diaphragms that are made from composite of carbon. The intention is to provide the listener with the ultimate in audio coherence which this set of speakers does provide admirably well. Another aspect to the S-IW691L is that its woofers are encased in a tuned enclosure. As for transparency of sound and detail as well as midrange audio reception it is safe to say that people that buy this set of Pioneer home theater speakers will get value for their money.

It is in fact one of the few home theater speakers that can match the sound of normal room speakers and if you want detail of sound then this is the right option for you. Try listening to “What’s a Little More Rain” that is sung by Sara K. from her album Closer Than They Appear, Chesky Records and you will know what sonic coherence is all about.

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