Use Of iSP Technology Has Made Wireless Home Theater Surround Sound A Real Possibility

Now that Wi-Fi technology has made its presence felt in almost every aspect of modern living, thinking about buying a wired home theater system would be like taking a huge step backward in time. Thanks to Wi-Fi technology, you now can own the very best in wireless home theater systems without having to worry about tripping over cable wires. You can also place your components wherever it is convenient and with products such as the Mitsubishi forty-six inch LT-46149 around, you are assured of superior wireless home theater surround sound.

Great Wireless Home Theater Surround Sound – Mitsubishi LT-46149

Mitsubishi products such as the LT-46149 and the LT-52149 incorporate Mitsubishi’s own technology called the Integrated Sound Projector technology (iSP) that helps in building high quality wireless home theater surround sound. Theoretically, iSP may seem to be an unworkable technology; in reality, it accomplishes the ability to provide outstanding wireless home theater surround sound through use of its 16 inch speaker array that are able to produce 5.1 surround sound.

After you remove this wireless home theater surround sound television system from out of its box, you will then be asked to enter room dimensions into the television set. Thanks to its iSP, the television set is then able to determine what requires to be done in order to produce top quality wireless home theater surround sound. This it does through delaying intervals to each of the set’s sixteen speakers and these delays help achieves distinctive sound beams that the listener hears directly as well as indirectly.

This iSP technology ensures that listeners experience true high quality wireless home theater surround sound. However, this technology is relatively new and so is not incorporated in every model sold by Mitsubishi and there is also not much feedback available regarding how good or bad is the technology in regard to the kind of wireless home theater surround sound it produces.

Nevertheless, thanks to iSP technology, owners of the LT model Mitsubishi television sets are spared the bother of having to work around troublesome wires that are normally required in order to produce true quality surround sound. Also, being such a new technology, Mitsubishi is forced to sell its iSP enabled sets at a hefty price.

With so much variety on offer in the wireless home theater segment, it pays to research different makes and models so that you are able to pinpoint the best wireless home theater systems. Features to look out for in regard to better wireless home theater systems include ability to build the speakers directly into your walls and even into the ceilings.